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Superficial and Deep Car Scratch Repair

We all want to take pride in our vehicles and keep them gleaming like new, but how often do we find little scratches and dents in the paintwork? 

With insurance excesses on the increase, it may not be worth claiming on your insurance for minor scratches. However, we specialise in superficial and deep scratches and can offer a cost-effective, affordable quote, often under your insurance excess.

Are you deciding to go through your insurance? Then, we can assist with lodging your claim. 

We offer a convenient way to restore your vehicle to its original condition, providing a top-class finish in a fast turnaround of time and competitive cost.

There are two types of scratches: 

  • Superficial scratches that rest on the clear coat or base paint
  • Deep scratches that extend to the primer or as far down as the metal

Buffing and polishing your vehicle can address superficial scratches; using the best techniques, products and tools, your vehicle can often be restored to look brand new again. 

Deep scratch repairs take more time and care, often requiring us to repaint the panel. However, we can assist you if you have had the misfortune of your vehicle sustaining a deep scratch, i.e. keyed.

Our highly experienced staff can colour-match your existing paint using only the best paint on the market, PPG Paints. 


There are many reasons for choosing iQAutoBody

Expert Technicians

Our team are highly trained and experienced to meet any job demand.

Quality Products

In partnering with PPG, we are able to offer a wide range of quality products to perfect any finish.

Customer Service

Our customer service team is readily available to ensure a hassle free process and high level communication.

Trusted Work

Our work is trusted by companies like Tesla, Pickles Auction Group, Mercedes Benz, Innovation Group, Europcar and AutoNexus.

Guarantee & Turnaround

Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and quick turnaround ensures you and your vehicle are back on the road in no time.

Low Cost

Our innovative solutions ensure costs are kept to a minimum.

Client Testimonials

"Brilliant company and extremely happy with their service. They went to all lengths to ensure the paint job was perfect and every detail of the car was attended too during the repair. Could not recommend any higher!"
Mitchell Wedderburn
"Wow what can l say friendly, fast service - put my car in to be fixed after a small accident - they told me to allow 10 working days, well they fixed it in 2 working days. How fast is that, a big thank you - l am back on the road again"​
Mark Kenez
"My car was damaged during a storm and the team at IQ Auto Body did an amazing job fixing my car. Great service, great work and a clean workshop too. Highly recommend!"
Karen Finch

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    4. Now take a photo that includes the surrounding panels - we need to see the full side.
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